Sub Oslo band photo
Alan Uribe-Clavinet/Synth/Melodica
Quincy Holloway-Drums
Moses Mayo-Percussion/Melodica/samples
Frank Cervantez-Guitar
Brandan Uribe-Flute/Percussion/Piano
Miguel Veliz-Bass
Paul Baker-Live Visuals/Video artist
John Nuckels-Mixing/effects/samples



CD - "the Rites of Dub"
Goatsucker Dub
Sep Dub 
Control This
Sub Oslo vs. Bookshelf Speakers
Dark and Lovely 
13th Hour Dub

CD -"Dubs in the key of Life"

Stratospheric Penetration 
Celestial Dub 
Reel to Reel Dub 
Mi Familia Re-Dub 
Washes of Dub

12'' Ep self titled
Prisoner of Dub
Science Dub 

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Sub Oslo DVD get it here
Dark & Lovely
Control This


Sub Signals cover
Sub Signals-Volume 1
interchill records ichill cd 026 on iTunes

Babylon Is Ours -The USA In Dub
Select Cuts SC2009 CD

Dub Life
Shadow Records 2002


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dallasobserver.com http://www.dallasobserver.com/2000-06-29/music/sub-geniuses/


Sub Oslo came together during the winter of 1996 in Denton, TX with the intention of bringing live DUB music to audiences. Long confined to the studio since the late sixties in Jamaica, DUB was rarely performed live beyond the sound system parties or the extended encores of established reggae groups.
Playing their first show in the spring of 1997 in the basement of the local pizza parlor, Sub Oslo soon became one of the very few American groups to bring this form of reggae to live audiences. While playing as a rock band, incorporating a mix engineer and a live visual artist, Sub Oslo defied any misconception audiences may have previously had about reggae. Improvising on original riddims and melodies, extending some songs up to 20 minutes, they were never played or mixed the same way twice.
A year later work began on the debut 12" for Two Ohm Hop Records. A well received debut, it showcased the groups own style of DUB which showed a progression into the future of sound while staying true to the roots and rich heritage of their predecessors. Within the next few years the group shared the stage with a variety of groups including June of '44, Mad Professor, H.I.M., Steel Pulse, the Make Up, Fugazi, Raz Mesinai, the Earl Harvin Trio, Yeti, DJ Krush and the Roots.
While adding additional members, Brandan Uribe (flute, percussion), Alan Uribe (clavinet, synth), and Ben Viguerie ( piano, synth), the original six, Frank Cervantez (guitar), Quincy Holloway (drums), Miguel Veliz (bass), John Nuckels ( effects, mixer), Moses Mayo (percussion, melodica) and Paul Baker (live visuals), released the full length "Dubs in the Key of Life" on Two Ohm Hop. Clocking in at over 70 minutes with only six songs, Sub Oslo continued to further push the boundaries of dub reggae. Following up with a tour to the west coast, including stops at NXNW and the first Cross Country DUB Summit in San Francisco. The Summit was hosted by the Dub Mission's DJ Sep, one of the west coasts leading Dub enthusiasts.
Within the next year "Dubs in the..." received great reviews prompting the CD to be released in Germany (on Glitterhouse Rec.) and Japan (on P-Vine) followed by a trip to Tokyo. The next year saw Sub Oslo contribute tracks to the compilations "Dub Life" (on Instinct) and "Babylon is Ours- the USA in DUB" (on Select Cuts) as well as providing music for the X-box game "Brute Force" (designed by Digital Anvil).
Now, in 2003 Sub Oslo has released a second full length CD on their Sueno Recordings label. Titled "the Rites of DUB", this CD further expands on the foundation laid by the previous releases and the past 7 years of hard work. This time including a video playable on Mac and PC featuring Paul's visuals with a live track recorded in 1998 in Dallas, TX.
With a fall release planned for Europe and a planned U.S. tour Sub Oslo continues to push forward the limits of Dub music and take it where it never has been before.